Be Job-Ready for with BROADCAST PRIME. .

The Broadcast-Prime program combines the best of graphic, animation, live-footage, music, sound, electronic, unteractive and unconventional media tools to create engaging motion visuals.

The Indian Television industry boats of more than 800 channels offering a wide array of content. These television as well as digital channels have led to a huge demand in ‘channel packaging’ content.

Alumni Success


We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and
believe in the power of simple and easy communication


Concept of Graphics and illustrations
Typographics Design
Digital Illustrations
Concept of Cinematography & Photography
Concept of 2D Digital Animation
Art of Storytelling & Script Writing
Anatomy Study
Character Design
Digital Painting
Audio-Video Editing
Storyboarding And Animatics
Application of 2D Animation Principles
Design Porfolio


Broadcast Design
Digital Marketing & Media Concepts
3D Basics - Modeling to Animation
Motion Graphics in 3D Max
Broadcast Design Using Cinema 4D
Visual Effects and Compositing
Advanced Post-Production Techniques
Broadcast Media
Broadcast Design Portfolio
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