Difference Between Special Effects and Visual Effects

Difference Between Special Effects and Visual Effects

VFX and special effects (SFX) terms are used interchangeably, but both are different. Being a leading Animation VFX institute in Rajkot, we will help you learn this difference straightforwardly.

Special Effects vs. Visual Effects

People use words like visual effects, special effects, and even visual special effects, whenever they see something unusual. To make it more clear, which can further help you choose the right VFX course in Rajkot, here are differences between both:

Special Effects

  • When an unusual effect is created in real time using any rigged or specifically designed physical object is called special effects.
  • All shots of special effects are shot live by the camera. Things you see are actually there, but of course, not necessarily real.
  • Some of the examples of special effects shared by an Animation VFX institute in Rajkot are:
    • Using latex and other material to create a false hand of a machine man and then removing it completely is a special effect.
    • When an explosion is shot with the car collision using special camera lenses, light effects, etc. is also a special effect.
  • To create special effects, artists use various objects, mechanisms, tools, techniques, etc. such as:
    • Rotoscoping
    • Makeup
    • Prosthetic items
    • Harness and wires
    • Dummy cars
    • And more
  • Earlier, the special effects were part of many movies and videos. It is still used with artistic cinematography and special props.
  • It is quite expensive compared to VFX.
  • If the shot does not go well, the whole sequence needs to reshoot.

Visual Effects

  • When an unusual effect gets created using software is called visual effects.
  • Visual effects do not get shot during the live shooting. Those effects get added after shooting using software usually covered in the VFX course. It means these effects get added during post production work.
  • An animation VFX institute in Rajkot shared some examples of visual effects which are listed below:
    • Actor fighting with thousands of aliens
    • An animated character falls from the cliff and still do not get hurt
    • Unusual characters such as dinosaur, spider man, etc.
  • To create visual effects, VFX artists use different animation software such as
    • Maya
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Maxon Cinema 4D
    • Autodesk 3DS Max
    • Eyeon Fusion
    • V-Ray
    • Nuke
  • Visual effects are part of many movies, games, videos, albums, etc. Nowadays, many people use it to keep the audience awestruck, which has also increased the demandfor the VFX course in Rajkot and other Indian cities as well.
  • It needs specialized software, but still, it is less expensive compared to SFX as one does not need too many props or people.
  • Shoots are carried out with green curtains to add visual effects later. Therefore, it does not require reshoot.

As we experience the use of VFX increases each passing day, joining a VFX course in Rajkot can be your first move towards a successful career. To master the skills, join Arena Animation NOW!

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