Begin your creative journey with us by either visiting our website or reaching out to our admissions office. We offer a wide variety of courses in Animation, 3D, VFX, Web Development, and Graphic Design, designed to cater to diverse interests and career goals.

Our courses are crafted to accommodate varying learning curves, ranging from short-term programs of a few months to comprehensive courses extending over a year, ensuring a deep dive into your chosen field.

Students looking to broaden their skill set can enroll in multiple courses, with our academic counselors ready to assist in scheduling to ensure a manageable workload and a holistic learning experience.

We are committed to our students’ success beyond the classroom, offering robust placement assistance through our extensive network of industry connections, ensuring our graduates are well-positioned to embark on promising careers.

Yes, our curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning, with projects and assignments designed to mirror real-world scenarios. This approach ensures that students not only learn theoretical concepts but also acquire practical skills essential for a successful career in the creative industry.