Gaming-AR-VR Prime program is a comprehensive program that focuses on the design and immersive media combined.

Students will learn Game art and design for Mobile and Video games and Augmented reality and Virtual reality. Students will experience the blend of industry-standard practices and artistic methods with the technological advancement of Metaverse

• Students will acquire skills to expand their career options in a variety of gaming segments.
• Expand their options for career opportunities.

• 75% of the population in India is under the age of 45 which makes it the largest potential market for Gaming

• India has more than 560 million internet users which makes it the second-largest online market across the globe. This number will go up to 650 million users by 2023



  • Learn To Create Concept Designs For Game Characters, Environments And Props.
  • Understand The Asset Creation Pipeline And Learn To Create Game-ready Models And Texture The Game Characters, Environments And Props.
  • Learn To Rig And Animate The Game Characters In A Game Development Pipeline.
  • Exclusive access to courses material.
  • Discuss and solve problems with our expert professors.
  • Create your own team and plan activities and work on projects.
  • Get Placement Support.
  • Get Reference study materials.
  • Chance to see working model of animation.
  • Access to onlinevarsity, our e-platform for learning.