Types of VFX

Major Types of VFX that Add Life to Films

The number of students in the best animation VFX institute in Rajkot for VFX courses is increasing.  VFX is an acronym for visual effects. It is used in multiple places, but the most common use of VFX is in films. It adds life to movies by making some unbelievable scenes believable. VFX compositing & editing course covers all major types of visual effects that are used in movies.

Whether out of curiosity or to pursue the right VFX course, if you are interested in exploring more about VFX, you must know the major types of visual effects used in films.

Types of VFX

 1. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

  • CGI as the name suggests produces animation or graphics using CGI software. You can learn CGI software by joining a reputed animation VFX institute in Rajkot.
  • CGI is the most popular and most used form of VFX in films.
  • It is cheaper to add imagery graphics in films that look real compared to creating the whole scene with actors and props.
  • Different algorithms and methods get used for creating graphics, animation, light effects, etc. Usually, all of this gets covered in the VFX compositing & editing courses in Rajkot.

2. Motion Capture

  • If you have watched any of the movies of the Twilight series, then you have witnessed the magic of motion capture visual effects.
  • To create VFX of any 3D model such as a dinosaur, a big wolf, or some other form of the unreal model, motion capture is used according to the best animation VFX institute in Rajkot.
  • To create a motion capture effect, a real actor or an object gets used and his or its movements get captured in the camera.
  • These movements go through a sampling process in which the movements are sampled several times in a second. This is one of the important aspects covered during the VFX course in Rajkot.
  • The sampled movements, then get applied to a graphical model to create an illusion of real movement. For this, motion capture software gets used.
  • Motion capture is also known as mocap.

3. Bullet Time

  • It is another impressive VFX used in films to pan around a subject or slow down a specific scene or movement in the movie.
  • This VFX makes sure that the audience can see the movements of difficult to see objects or subjects such as a punch on the face of a hero that shakes his face muscles or a bullet travelling from the pistol to a human body. All these cannot be visualized without bullet-time special effects.
  • The animation VFX institute in Rajkot offers a special VFX course in Rajkot for bullet time and similar visual effect specialization.


These are three major types of VFX used in movies. If you want to make your career as a VFX artist, then you must take a VFX compositing & editing course in Rajkot that covers these major VFX types.

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