Process of 3d Animation

Stepwise Process of 3d Animation Explained by Experts

3d animation is usually loved by all-aged people. Of course, kids are major followers of animated movies, but even the elderly would smile at adverts, commercials, and movies at times. This is the reason 3d animation courses are in mounting demand.

It is fun to watch the animation, have you ever wondered about the 3d animation process?

Are you a student of one of the 3d animation courses and want to master the 3d animation production process?

Here is the stepwise process of 3d animation.

1. Concept

  • Before starting making sketches or any other efforts, define the concept on which a 3D animation movie or advert will be made.
  • The whole script along with the concept needs to be ready before animation.

2. Storyboarding

  • The 3d animation production process starts with storyboarding.
  • Here, you design sketches of scenes, characters, sequences, action, etc. for all scenes that will be animated.

3. 3D Modelling

  • It is a process of using 3d software to create mesh objects.
  • In simple words, you will design the 3d models of objects, surfaces, etc., which can be animated in the further steps of the animation.

4. Texturing

  • This step includes converting a mesh object into a real character for animation.
  • It adds the added layers to 3d objects created in the last step such as adding leafs to a tree, clothing and hair to human character, etc.

5. Rigging & Skinning

  • The rigging stage of the 3d animation production process includes creating the skeleton of your objects, which helps in making animation more realistic.
  • The skinning stage is the final step of 3d model creation as it gives the final enhancements to the object.

6. Animation

  • This stage involves creating 3d animation by using the 3d object and storyboarding.
  • Realistic movements will be added to each scene to transform storyboarding into an actual animated scene.

7. Rendering

  • It is also known as image synthesis. This stage of the animation involves rendering other elements of animation to make it more realistic such as shadow effect, motion blur, reflection, etc.
  • This stage completes the animation by handling different aspects of a scene.

8. Compositing & VFX

  • To make a final film, all renders are pooled together. This process is called compositing.
  • VFX adds added visual effects to the scene to enhance the effect of the scene. It is more about creating an illusion.

9. Music & Foley

  • Foley is the stage where all pieces of music and sound are produced that will be added to the scenes.
  • To complete the movie, music and other sound effects get added at this stage of the 3d animation production process.

10. Editing

  • The animated movie also goes through editing like a simple movie.
  • In the editing stage of the 3d animation process, some of the scenes get chopped.

11. Final Output

  • This is the final stage of the 3d animation production process, in which the final render will be made and the movie is ready to release.

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