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Top 7 Trending Career Options for Visual Designers

Career opportunities for creative visual designers are increasing rapidly. You can become a visual designer by pursuing one of the graphic design courses in Rajkot. Many students think that they can become only a graphic designer, but the fact is there are many amazing career options available for a visual designer that completes the right course from a graphic design institute.

We will share the top 7 trending career options available for visual designers:

1. Graphic Designer

  • This has been one of the known jobs for visual designers.
  • Media agencies, marketing companies, IT companies, software development firms, etc. hire certified visual designers that can design infographics, logos, brochures, etc.
  • You can join any company depending on your interest as an intern after completion of graphic design courses in Rajkot.

2. Animator

  • Usually, a graphic design institute offers some graphic design courses in Rajkot that cover multimedia and animation software.
  • You will learn animation in those courses along with graphic designing. You can become an animator if that interests you.

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3. Product Designer

  • It is one of the trending jobs for creative visual designers.
  • A product designer runs complete market research and based on that creates different product ideas.
  • A product designer is also responsible for designing a new product by transforming the idea into reality, design presentations and marketing material make the product a hit.

4. Art Director

  • The art director has a host of career options.
  • Movies, magazines, television, newspapers, online streaming shows, etc. need an art director and that role can be taken after your graphic design courses in Rajkot.
  • An art director creates artistic visuals to hold targeted audiences.

5. Game Developer

  • If you love playing games, then developing games would also interest you.
  • You can become a game developer and designer after completing your graphic design courses in Rajkot.
  • You will need to learn video game development in addition to visual designing. You can learn it from the same graphic design institute.
  • Your visual designing skills will make the process of learning game designing and development easier and faster.
  • As the demand for video games, console games, and smartphone games are increasing, the career of visual designers in the game development sphere is bright.

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6. Production Artist

  • Production artists take care of different jobs such as creating sharp and accurate objects, designing product graphics and prints, digital graphics, etc. The production artists also handle jobs of collecting and processing files, creating PDFs for printing, etc.
  • Production manager and illustrators are two trending jobs for visual designers in this area.

7. UI Designer

  • With the increasing demand for user-friendly interfaces for websites, web apps, and mobile apps, a new career option has emerged for visual designers.
  • There are specialization courses available in the graphic design institute in Rajkot that cover UI design best practices, tools, software, etc.


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