What is Typography? Design, Rules and Purpose

Increasing demand has been witnessed for graphic design courses. Typography design is an important part of various graphic design courses and a key element of every designer’s skill set.

What is Typography?

Times New Roman, Arial, Cambria, Calibri, etc. are various typographies. In simple words, it is a type of font that we come across while typing in a system or mobile, but it is not that simple.

Typography refers to the visual art and technique of arranging letters and text such that they appear visually appealing, clear, and legible to the reader. From line spacing and letter spacing to typefaces, typography is a broad subject. Graphic designs are completely meaningless if they are not equipped with the right typography designs that involve various combinations of fonts, spacing, and sizes.

Who is a Typographer?

The individual who creates the typography design is a typographer. He/she is responsible for creating custom typefaces instead of using ready-made fonts. A professional typographer can make the letters, words, and text appear meaningful and interesting to the readers. A typographer is required to create and use typefaces that deliver a message to the target audience.

What is the Purpose of Typography Design?

  • Make perception of content easy
  • Engage and retain the attention of website visitors
  • Bring more visitors to the website

What Does It Include?

It includes the following elements:

  • Typeface
  • Line length
  • Hierarchy
  • Alignment
  • Contrast
  • Colour
  • Line spacing (leading)
  • Letter-spacing (tracking)
  • Space between individual characters (kerning)
  • Arrangement and appearance of letters
  • Font size and style
  • Point size

All these elements are included as a part of the curriculum of various graphic design courses.

Design Rules

  • Focus on readability
  • Limit the number of fonts to only 2-3 typefaces
  • Keep typefaces consistent
  • Choose an amazing secondary font for pairing
  • Use white space smartly
  • Pair fonts carefully and wisely
  • Practice correct alignment
  • Work with grids for the best visual harmony
  • Use typographic hierarchy to emphasise the key information

Where Can Typography Be Seen?

Typography is a part of the following:

  • Books and magazines
  • Computer graphics
  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Special invitations
  • Website designs
  • Brochure designs
  • Promotional materials
  • Book covers
  • Television graphics

Career Opportunities

Once you have completed a typography design course, you can pursue a career in the following fields:

  • Publishing
  • E-learning
  • Print media
  • Manufacturing
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Designing
  • Gaming
  • Animation

If you are looking to begin your typography journey or move ahead, you will come across various graphic design courses in Rajkot. The typography design courses will help you create your own typefaces and logos and even animate them. By pursuing a formal typography design course, you can refine your skills and get a job in various industries with a handsome package.

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