What you will learn


Start your journey into the world of digital art by exploring the basics of graphic design.

We begin with a ‘Brainstorming Process with Sketch‘, where you’ll learn how to bring your creative ideas to paper, setting the foundation for great designs.

Then, we’ll guide you through ‘Creating Your Own Logo’, where you’ll discover the easiest methods to design a logo that represents your vision or brand, using simple yet powerful design principles.


The Magic of VFX Dive into the captivating world of Visual Effects (VFX) and learn how it transforms ordinary footage into cinematic wonders.

We’ll start with an ‘Introduction to Trending VFX’, showing you the latest trends and techniques that make movies and videos stand out.

Then, experience hands-on ‘Practice Demonstrations in Green/Blue Screen’, where you’ll learn how to seamlessly integrate characters or objects into any background, making your visual storytelling more compelling.


Building in Digital Dimensions Explore the fundamentals of 3D architecture, an essential skill for modern design and visualization.

Our session starts with an ‘Introduction to 3D Architecture’, where you’ll learn about creating digital structures from the ground up. Next.

‘Create a Base Model to Understand Modeling’, where we’ll teach you how to construct basic 3D models.

Finally, we enhance our models with ‘Texture and Lighting Processes’, adding realism and depth to your architectural designs.


Bringing Characters to Life Enter the world of 3D animation, where your creations come to life.

We begin with an ‘Introduction to 3D Animation’, setting the stage for animating characters.

Then, dive into ‘Creating Character Design in 3D’, where you’ll learn to design your own 3D characters, giving them unique traits and personalities.

The journey continues with ‘Creating Character Animation in 3D’, where you’ll animate your characters, followed by ‘Creating Your Own Scene‘, where you’ll place your characters in a scene you’ve designed, telling a story that’s uniquely yours.

Day 5 – GAMING:

Designing Interactive Worlds Uncover the thrilling world of game design and development, where you’ll bring interactive experiences to life.

We start with an ‘Introduction to 3D Architecture in Gaming’, laying the foundation for creating game environments.

Then, delve into the ‘Fundamentals of Gaming in Unreal Engine’, where you’ll learn about this powerful tool for game development.

Finally, we’ll guide you through designing a ‘Single Player Walkthrough Gameplay’, where you’ll apply your skills to create an engaging game level that players can explore.