The Film Making industry is expected to reach INR 192 billion and VFX industry to reach up to Rs.87.1 billionin 2020. With the film industry putting out a healthy dose of VFX heavy blockbusters like Wonder Woman, Blade Runner 2019, and Thor: Ragnarok, we must say that the visual effects companies have never been so busy. It also saw a push towards newer ways of usingVFXin movies that would affect the industry for many years to come.

1.360 Degree VR VFX:-While the 360 Degree revolution is mostly seen as being limited to VR games, the fact is that movies have a bright prospect of utilizing the technology for some amazing experiences, specifically the ones that are created for home viewers. Add in some 3D effects using stereo/mono roto processes and filmmakers can create a whole new style of movies.
2.Motion Control:-Motion Control cameras are one of the most exciting trends in the world of VFX today. This technique is mostly useful when one needs to repeat a camera motion for compositing or while capturing high-speed motion or high frame rate that needs to be revealed in slow motion with some added movement.

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History of Visual Effects in Films
Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
Concepts of Cinematography & Photography
Lights, Colour & Perspectives& Script Writing
Digital Painting
Adobe Photoshop Extended CC / Pixlr
Anatomy Study
Character Design
Visual Scripting with Film Language
Audio -Video Editing
Adobe Audition CC / AudacityAdobe Premier Pro CC / VSDC Video Editor/OpenShot
Storyboarding and Animatics
Application of 2D Animation Principles
Project Portfolio


Fundamentals of VFX and 3D basics
Digital modeling with Maya
Digital sculpting
Texturing 3D models with Maya& Script Writing
Lighting models with Maya
Rigging 3D models with Mayaand Animatics
3D Character Animation & Rotomation
Particle & dynamics
FX & simulationto Nuke
Matchmovingand Camera Tracking
Crowd simulation
Working with Arnold renderer
Layer-based compositing
3D design portfolio


VFX film making -Pre to Post Production
Pre-visualization & VFX video shoot
Introduction to Nuke
Rotoscoping using Silhoutte
Roto and Rotopaint
Wire removal
Green/ blue screen
Matchmoving techniques
Matte painting
Time remapping & bounding boxes
Channel & multi passes
Advanced compositing tools
FX with Houdini
Z-depth & Multipass compositing
Specialization & digital portfolio development (choose 1 elective)
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